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See also: Rules thou Shalt Not Break

The purpose of this page is to document our expectations for player behavior, and how you can expect Staff to respond to a complaint.

Because Vampire the Masquerade is a setting of strife and backstabbing, we don't intend for the game to be a safe-space environment. PVP (player-versus-player) conflict can and should occur. We expect players to keep conflicts in-game, and to remember that the purpose of this game is for all our players' entertainment and enjoyment. If in-game PVP conflict leads to real-world problems, please contact Staff to let us know. We'll step in and try to set things right, but we can't act unless someone informs us there's a problem.

Basic Rules

Here are our basic rules. Breaking these may earn you a strike. Our policy is three-strikes-and-you’re-out. Strikes remain on file forever.

  • don’t be a jerk. no really, it’s that easy.
    • be respectful of other players
    • don’t cheat
    • keep the in-game drama in-game
    • keep the out-of-game drama out-of-game

These things may get you banned from game. Possibly with no warning.

  • touching another player without their consent
  • egregious or deliberate cheating or metagaming
  • harassment, theft, assault, and all the other “why do we even need this rule” things (even if they occur away from game)

How to File a Complaint

If you have a complaint, PM the Staff group. Please include the basics: who, when, where, what. While we do accept verbal reports, we require they be followed up in writing. If you like, you can also file your complaint via chat - just catch one of us online.

An ideal complaint would be brief, factual, polite, and actionable.

If your complaint is regarding a member of Staff, please feel free to contact another member of Staff, or the Head Storyteller directly.

Staff will review the complaint, and designate the primary handler(s) who will investigate or take action as necessary. Staff will document the complaint, the discussion, the investigation (if applicable), any proposed actions, and the results of any actions taken. Staff will close the loop with the complainant, but will not always share the details of action taken. As a general rule, contents of complaints will not be shared beyond those involved + Staff.

Remediation and Discipline

The two most common actions taken by staff in regards to a player complaint are warnings and remedial actions. However, Staff does have a broad array of powers and the authority to address complaints and mistakes.

Staff's powers include, but are not limited to:

  • Erase or alter in-game information (retcon)
  • Put a hold on any plot, staff or player driven
  • End any plot, whether staff or player driven
  • Grant a strike to a player
  • Suspend a player
  • Ban a player
  • Other actions as necessary at staff discretion

While rare, players can be banned from the game. By default, a ban is for life. However, a ban can be revisited after one year. If the ban is lifted, the first further offense will result in another ban.

Strikes stay on file forever - they do not "age off" nor are they reset after a suspension or ban.

Appeals Process

Players can appeal a staff decision by submitting a request to the Staff group. Staff will investigate with a different primary handler.

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